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Słupca is a district town of historical and regional significance situated in eastern Wielkopolska, 70 km east of Poznań and ca 15 000 inhabitants. It owes its growth and prosperity to the advatageous geographical location in the centre of Poland, directly at the railway route MOSKWA - WARSZAWA - BERLIN and the National Road No.2, very close to the Highway A-2.

Gimnazjum im. Mikołaja Kopernika in Słupca has been established upon the decision of the town council on March 12, 1999 , as 3 grades Public Secondary School in course of educational reform in Poland. Children at the age of 13 years advance to secondary school after completion of sixth year education in primary school.
446 pupils in 20 classes (1 - 3 grades) through well concepted educational approach are supported by 53 teachers to reach their true potential, intelectually, emotionally, socially, physically and spiritually, as well as to gain the knowledge, practical and personal skills and competencies needed to continue secondary education on upper level in the high school.

The school strives to provide european educational routes through obligatory command of english and german languages, understanding and appreciation of european & world cultural diversities, practical access to Internet developing ability to incorporate modern technology into real life, environmental thinking and practice. Regular school program is accompanied by numerous personal talents enrichment opportunities in : sport, musik, dance, media, phylosophy, math and computer science. The emblem of the school reminds on ancient greek symbol gymnasion , backgrounded with national colours and centrally placed emblem of the town Słupca.

On Mai 24, 2003 , the school has been ceremonially given the name of the worldwide famous polish astronomer Mikołaj Kopernik.

We believe that very soon Poland will join the European Community, so we would like to provide our students right now with more opportunities in any form of intercultural exchange (e-mail correspondence or mutual visits) with their european contemporaries. That's why we are on permanent lookout for school partners in all european countries and would be happy to have success with our search.

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